Facebook says “Your Page has been recategorized as a Community Page”

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Yesterday I got a notice that my blogs Facebook fan page was changed to a Community Page. Facebook said “Your Page has been recategorized as a Community Page”. So what does this mean, and is it important?

I had to do some research. Facebook pages are easy to create. If you are a public figure, or a known brand, you may find that some fan of yours got to Facebook first and created a fan page before you did. Well Facebook will help the real owner of that name take ownership of the fans on Facebook.

But another possibility is a fan of some general concept might create a fan page for it. Like a Cricket fan page. That page has 150,000 fans. Should the first person with the idea to create a Cricket fan page be the dictator on all things Cricket for all these fans? Well Facebook doesn’t think so. And Facebook invented the Community Page to handle this case.

A Community Page is a page that is administered by Facebook for the community, instead of, in my case, me. This control change isn’t automatic, but happens when some threshold of fans is reached. The Cricket page doesn’t look like it has an admin anymore. The profile picture is left as a “?” (question mark), because really no one is there to tend to it. But at the same time the fans are making good use of it to share and discuss their love for Cricket. In this case it might be working pretty well.

In my case, “HowTutorial” sounds pretty generic. But that is because I was a bit creative and a bit lucky. I own the URL HowTutorial.com. For now it is home to my blog, and eventually maybe something bigger. So I am hoping someone made a snap judgement that this Facebook page is generic, and that a little more attention will return it to its former status.

Facebook provided a link for me to appeal their change. I have filed my appeal, and now I wait. I’ll let everyone know what happens, and what I learn along the way.

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