Facebook is so complicated. I can’t tell if I am making progress or regressing.

push pull
Photo by Robert S. Donovan

So I have written a post on how to connect my blog posts to a Facebook Fan page. But maybe I don’t want a Facebook Fan page? I am still not sure how all this works together.

Today I have made two changes. I added the Status Updater plugin for WordPress. This is a replacement for the NetworkedBlogs method I wrote about before. Tomorrow, I’ll see how well it works when this very post is scheduled to go live.

The second change, is I have added the Facebook Comments plugin to this blog. Now instead of WordPress comments, you can use your Facebook account to make comments. Pretty cool.

But there is no tie into the HowTutorial Facebook Fan page. I am not sure how they work together. They both have different goals. I will have to experiment and think on this some more.

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