Don’t go hungry. How to afford food when times are tight

In the United States, a family of four can eat for about a week at a cost of $35. There is no application process. Anyone can participate. Bill Gates can shop here if he wishes. The only catch, is you have to place your order in advance, and the menu is picked for you. The food is distributed monthly. For a host site local to me, the next order deadline is June 19th 2011, and the food will be ready for pickup on June 25th. The food is provided by Angel Food Ministries.

Each month’s menu is different and consists of fresh, frozen and packaged food. Angel Food is purchased from the nation’s top food suppliers. Providing quality, nutritious food at significant discounts on a regular basis is one practical way to give people a “hand up” during difficult times. The cost for a box of Angel Food is $30 [$35]. There is no purchase limit for boxes of Angel Food. There are no applications or qualifications necessary to purchase. VIEW OUR MENU
Angel Food Ministries

When the website was last updated, there were 5200 host sites in 45 states across the US. So this isn’t local to everyone just yet. However, over 200 sites join each month.

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If you are not near a local host site, or the advanced ordering isn’t convenient just this moment. Consider the 4 Hour Diet. It is not a calorie restricting diet. It is a slow carb diet, or low glycemic and insulin index diet. One of the interesting things about the diet, aside from being quite healthy (other than perhaps the avoidance of fruit), is that it is quite inexpensive. Now everyone has their own nutrition beliefs, but consider how inexpensive two big parts of this diet are. You can eat well with eggs, and beans for very little cost. Chicken is not quite as cheap. I also recommend quinoa, though it is not strictly approved, and is more expensive than rice. But rice is not allowed since it is a high glycemic food. When you are hungry, the restrictions make less sense, but sticking to low glycemic foods will keep your blood sugar steadier without the famished feeling that low blood sugar creates. Plus you might gain muscle, lose fat, and be part of a trendy new diet, not economizing for budget reasons. Keep in mind that you need to research and experiment with recipes with a new diet. These meals can be quite good. Don’t suffer through plain beans.

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