A reminder to think of safety

Todays news reports a Yale student was killed in a woodshop lathe accident.

From all reports she was both bright and safety conscious, but was working late into the night. Fatigue and familiarity probably combined into a single simple mistake.

So a smart and educated person was killed in a lapse of judgment.

Fatigue is a big contributor to accidents. More shop accidents occur between 2pm and 4pm after lunch. Recognize when you are fatiqued, and plan to do other tasks. Don’t push yourself. It is not worth it.

I have collected some saftey videos. Some are hard to watch. They are either boring, slow, or overly graphic. But safety is important, so do some research before you use a new tool.  Skip over any of the videos below that you can’t take. I did include some “funny” safety videos to keep things interesting, but some of those are the most graphic. Also I provided a place to search youtube videos. Search for safety videos pertaining to your task. Please think safety. Don’t take shortcuts.

Search for safety videos: “lathe safety” for example

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