13 ways to fix the world

For 13 straight weeks I have written a Saturday post on How to fix the world. This week, I thought I would pause, and list out a table of contents for what I have written so far.

  1. In week one, Reason.tv and Drew Carey make a case for fixing a declining city. In this case, they talk about Cleveland, but many cities should learn these lessons.
  2. In week two, I brought you Hans Rosling and the Magic Washing Machine which had the great concept of the wash line which is just above the poverty line.
  3. Next I told you about SeeYourImpact.org which is a charity that let’s you pick a cause and donate directly to a person in need. I donated, and a short time later, I received a photo (see above) and letter thanking me and one other for our donation, and explaining how one families life has been changed for the better.
  4. Did you know that you can create a no lose lottery? In week four I explained how you can turn a negative behaviour into a positive. A bit of tai-chi.
  5. In week five, I shared what I learned from the book NurtureShock about Tools of the Mind, executive function, and how it will get kids to behave, focus, excel at school, and enjoy it all.
  6. Cars can be particularly dangerous for kids, and knowing the dangers can go a long way to minimize them. This week I talked about how to keep kids safe around cars.
  7. In week seven, I wrote about the power of juries to do what is right, instead of letting themselves get pushed around by those that wished there were no juries at all.
  8. This time I return to kids and cars, but now I talk about high school. Something so simple like changing class start times can save lives, but without a champion it won’t happen.
  9. Modern technology can give anyone a super power to restart a person’s heart. The combination of CPR and an AED can mean the difference between life and death.
  10. For week ten, I talk about selfish reasons to be helpful, and give you places to start.
  11. Polio still exists in the world, and now is the time to get rid of it.
  12. In week twelve, I talked about the Institute for Justice and the great work it does to help the “David” fight the “Goliath”.
  13. In week M, I talked about how the difference between Hong Kong and the rest of China is rules. There is an effort to engineer more Hong Kong like successes in the world with Charter Cities.

Are you ready to fix the world? Tell me about your strategy, and maybe I’ll share it.

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