I believe in a growth mindset. Carol Dweck wrote about the importance of mindset in her book by that name: Mindset.

Are some people good at math, language, drawing, or juggling because of a fixed trait that gives them an advantage? Or are they good because they are better today than they were yesterday? Are they better because they know they can improve with effort? Is their current skill a state or a trait? Carol shows that when you define yourself as a list of traits, a fixed mindset, that your success is brittle. That you shy away from trying new things; afraid to find you are not good at something. While those that see themselves in a state of flux ripe for improvement, a growth mindset, that their success is robust. You seek difficult tasks because they are a learning experience; a chance to get better. You love a challenge.

HowTutorial is built on the adage, write what you like. This is the blog I want to read. Who am I? I am Peter Baumbach. I have some expertise in some things, but not in all the topics I will cover here. For these other topics, I will learn, try, do myself, and then report what I have learned. Maybe you will want to join right along with me.

This site is a place to figure out just how that’s done. I post original howto articles and link to interesting and helpful tutorials anywhere I find them. I want to create a collection of getting started guides to learning new topics and skills. Where should you start if you want to draw better? What is the best way to teach someone to ride a bike? If you want to become an engineer, how much can I learn online?

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