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How do you know which computer or CPU is going to be faster?

Is an Intel i3 better than an i5, or is it the i7? Is an Atom N280 faster than an Atom N550? While we are at it, is an Read more »

How do we know the earth is rotating, and it is not the stars moving around the earth

How can you tell that the earth is rotating about an axis, and that the stars aren’t instead just moving around the earth? Read more »

How to edit any webpage on the web

so that means you have the ultimate say (technically anyway) on what it actually says. If it is told to say “no”, and you know how, you can have your browser say “yes” instead. Read more »

Triple your money and save a child; How to fix the world #11

Do you know what polio is? It is a virus that can cause paralysis in up to 10% of those infected. It is contagious, transmitted through Read more »

Secret #3 to Facebook fan page design

When you switch and use Facebook as a fan page, you can like and comment on other fan pages. Read more »

What is a quick way to add the numbers from 1 to 10, and how does it work?

You can add the integers from 1 to 10 by hand, but what if you need to add from 1 to 1000? The shortcut for adding Read more »

Don’t go hungry. How to afford food when times are tight

In the United States, a family of four can eat for about a week at a cost of $35. There is no application process. Anyone can participate. Bill Gates can shop here if he wishes. Read more »

Secret #2 to Facebook fan page design

Secret #1 got us the biggest profile picture that Facebook will allow. But the thumbnail that Facebook creates from my profile picture didn’t look that great. Read more »

Secret #1 to Facebook fan page design

You don’t have to squeeze your Facebook profile picture into a little box. You have more room than that! Read more »

This way to lower your blood pressure is so easy it will make you smile

You can lower your blood pressure, and as a bonus, the medicine is a key to Read more »