Monthly Archives: April 2011

How to see arbitrage happen in slow motion

The free market concept makes predictions. One prediction, is that excess profits are a signal for competitors to enter the market. Read more »

How to find a lost dog

It is stressful. Your dog has gone missing, and you are worried about her. What you need is a plan of action. Read more »

How to win a guess the number of jelly beans in a jar contest

Question: Can you do better than guessing to win a jelly bean counting contest? Answer: Let me count the ways Read more »

How to view tiff files on Windows for free

Irfanview is quite the capable little program. You can view tiff files along with jpeg, gif, png, and most of the other image formats. Read more »

How to get kids to behave, focus, excel at school, and enjoy it all; How to fix the world #5

It is a Utopian idea. Change how kids play, and they do better in most measurements of Read more »

How do you keep watch that your website is up and serving pages?

I must admit, my website does not have the uptime I would be happy with. Sometimes my hosting provider has a problem, and when you try and visit my website, you get site not found errors. Read more »

A reminder to think of safety

Fatigue is a big contributor to accidents. More shop accidents occur between 2pm and 4pm after lunch. Read more »

Scavenger Hack: Demonstrate center of mass with forks and toothpicks

This is a fun bar trick. You can balance two forks and a toothpick on the tip of another toothpick. Read more »

What WordPress plugin will play mp3s so an iPad can listen?

Answer: Apple doesn’t support flash. Most blog music players need flash to work. So which plugins don’t need flash? Read more »

How to be a Chinese mother

Amy Chua has written an essay at the Wall Street Journal on why Chinese mothers raise such stereotypically successful kids. Read more »