Monthly Archives: April 2011

Uncover the secret right US citizens have to protect their freedom; How to fix the world #7

Learn and spread the knowledge of the secret power United States citizens have that protects freedom against the expanding power of government. Read more »

How to edit, merge, and delete pages in pdf documents for free

There are many free pdf editing programs out there in different stages of usefulness. Perhaps a recommendation from my experience will be helpful. Read more »

How can you quickly tell if a number is divisible by 7 and why this trick works

This trick isn’t as effective as the test for divisibility by 3. It takes more steps: Read more »

How can you quickly tell if a number is divisible by 3 and why this trick works

So is 151515151515151515 divisible by 3? I can quickly tell you yes. The trick is to Read more »

How to translate your blog or website into 51 languages in real time

There are two ways of adding translated versions of your blog for your foreign language visitors. Read more »

The secret to perfection

Perfection is like an iceberg. You only see 11% of the ice, 89% is below the surface. Read more »

How to empty an egg with a crazy straw

So you can hard boil eggs for Easter decorating. But if you create a particularly beautiful egg, isn’t it a shame to have to destroy the artwork at some point? Read more »

How to keep kids safe around cars; How to fix the world #6

This is a bigger problem than you realize. And a few simple changes and simple habits can help minimize the risk. Read more »

The ultimate video lesson for decorating Easter eggs

A large collection of Easter egg decorating videos Read more »

How do you decorate eggs for Easter?

The egg is a blank canvas. The possibilities are endless. But there is a style and method of egg decorating that has caught my eye. Read more »