Monthly Archives: March 2011

How to properly pour a beer. Ultimate video lesson.

How to pour beer the right way. Read more »

How to hold a cricket bat

Question: How do you hold a cricket bat? Read more »

How to fix the world and Drew Carey make a case for fixing a declining city. In this case, they talk about Cleveland, but many cities should learn these lessons. Read more »

A fun thing to do with disposable cameras

You can do things with a disposable camera that you wouldn’t dream of doing with your digital camera. Read more »

It is a matter of life and death. The true story of how to get rid of ghosts from a haunted house.

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, read this story, or skip to the end. You may save someones life. Truly. Read more »

Learn to ride a bike in record time the easy way. The ultimate video lesson

A big factor in learning to ride a bike is fear. The most important skill in riding a bike is balance. This method eliminates the fear and builds the balance skill. Read more »

How to Ghost Ride a bike

The name makes this an interesting skill. It is not very difficult. In fact I have done it before, but I didn’t know it had a name. Read more »

How to fix your internet connection when you think you are connected, but you can’t get anywhere

One of the most common internet connection errors is a broken DNS. Read more »

How to get the freshest bread

The secret code to when store sold bread was baked has been traveling the internet for years Read more »

How to search for recipes on the internet?

This post is a little sad for me. I have created a recipe search engine on the internet. Read more »