Monthly Archives: March 2011

April Fools day pranks the ultimate guide

Laugh with someone, not at them. I don’t believe in malicious pranks. So with that in mind, let’s have some fun. Read more »

How to spin a pen. Pen Spinning the ultimate video lesson

This is a skill that develops with practice. Some of these videos hint that basic spinning is possible after Read more »

Quickly. How can you tell which elevator button will take you to the exit?

How do you tell which button gets you out of the building? While you’re at it, what do the other buttons mean? Read more »

How do I know if I am spelling “definitely” correctly?

Wait, how am I supposed to spell that word? The simple answer is it is Read more »

Learn the secret to quickly knowing which side of your car has the gas fill up

Are you still looking in the side view mirrors to figure out which side of the car has the gas tank? Read more »

How to fix the world #2

Hans Rosling and the Magic Washing Machine Read more »

This is how you can taste Harry Potter’s favorite Treacle Tart

How do you get to taste Harry Potter’s favorite Treacle Tart? You make it yourself! Here is how Read more »

Where do some American towns and rivers get their names?

The names for many areas in use today are based on the names of the Native American tribes that used to live in the area. In my area, we have the Susquehanna River. Browse this map Read more »

How to create an online survey or questionnaire

You have seen online surveys, but creating one always seemed like a mystery. It is possible to create a survey Read more »

The many ways to cut an avocado

With similarities, everyone has a slightly different take on how to cut an avocado Read more »