Monthly Archives: February 2011

How to explore the Solar System in real time

“Eyes on the Solar System” is a 3-D environment full of real NASA mission data. Explore the cosmos from your computer. Hop on an asteroid. Fly with NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft. See the entire solar system moving in real time. It’s up to you. You control space and time. Read more »

Is it it’s or its?

This one always makes me think. Should I use “it’s” or “its” in my sentence? The difficulty is that the ‘s (apostrophe s) is used to denote possession in most every usage I can think of. Read more »

How do you know when a movie is coming out on DVD?

if you have a heads up, and have added the movie to the top of your queue before most everyone else, then you are likely to be one of the first to get access to the DVD Read more »

Facebook says “Your Page has been recategorized as a Community Page”

Yesterday I got a notice that my blogs Facebook fan page was changed to a Community Page. Facebook said “Your Page has been recategorized as a Community Page”. So what does this mean, and is it important? Read more »

How to turn your driveway into an income

This won’t work for everyone. Not every driveway or parking spot is in a high demand location. But when you are in a high demand location looking for parking, it sure is frustrating to see all these empty private spots. Read more »

Things To Do With Disposable Camera Flashes

They’re every where, they’re cheap – they can be dangerously “fun”. Things to do with disposable cameras! Read more »

List of email to SMS cellphone text gateways

this list tells which email address to use if you want to send an email and have it arrive as a text message Read more »

Facebook is so complicated. I can’t tell if I am making progress or regressing.

Today I have made two changes. I added the Status Updater plugin for Wordpress and I have added the Facebook Comments plugin. Read more »

How can you create antigravity?

Gravity is a concept without true explanation. It is a description of what happens, but there is no firm proof of a cause or a why. Read more »

60+ Hot date ideas for a great valentines day

When you need something to do together, and because of a lack of ideas, it is going to be dinner and a movie again, then it is time to mix things up a little. Read more »