Monthly Archives: February 2011

How do you build a simple circuit to control a servo?

This is how I designed a simple circuit that allows you to control a servo and put it through its paces. Read more »

How to trick your mind into thinking you have three hands

Scientists have created the illusion of having three hands – and made it so realistic that men and women taking part broke into a sweat when their ‘extra’ limb was threatened with a knife. Read more »

How to improve your Google search results in Chrome

Blacklist any site you don’t want to see again. When you blacklist a site, the site address is also sent to Google for research on improving their results Read more »

How do you convince your kids there is something fun to do outside in the snow?

Build an ice rink, a snow man, an ice slide, a fort, an igloo, a ski lift or rope tow, and more. Watch these videos, and you too will be watching for the next big snow storm Read more »

What happens to all your online files and identity when you die?

The British Coupling has one answer. You need a porn buddy 🙂 And Entrustet makes it easy to pass all of your info into the right hands Read more »

Why anecdotal evidence is important

The most important statement a scientist can make is “Huh, that doesn’t make sense. That shouldn’t have happened.” It is a sign post that new understanding and maybe even pushing the frontiers of science lies ahead. Read more »

Take a simple idea to the next level and make something great (A million matches?)

Where do good ideas come from? Read more »

I upgraded a WordPress plugin and now it doesn’t work. What do I do?

You click upgrade now, and WordPress does the rest. Well what if the new plugin doesn’t work when the old version you had did? Now what? Read more »

Which What Where Why is Doctor Who: the cheat sheet

The UK television show Doctor Who has been around since 1963. The show continues today with now the tenth actor playing the role of Dr. Who. This infographic nicely summarizes the major plot twists that were used to retire each Doctor for the next. Read more »

How to opt out from Yellow Pages delivery

When was the last time you used the Yellow Pages? Was it this year? Read more »